Bayside Rain Garden Project

Project Overview:

Over the course of the last 4 years, our client has slowly wanted to transform their gardens into a low maintenance, cottage garden-inspired backyard. The emphasis was to use Wisconsin native plants instead of your traditional perennials, as well as be thoughtful in regards to water management on site. This process involved re-working all the existing garden beds on site. We removed existing debris made sure all grades were pitched away from foundations and shovel cut all beds. After the installation of a mostly native plant palette, the beds were mulched with a mixed hardwood.


  • Low maintenance
  • All seasonal interest
  • Use of ornamental grasses
  • Native Plants
  • Decorative boulders
  • Decorative stone
  • Pollinator friendly

In 2016 we installed a large rain garden to help with all the water runoff coming from their patio. This garden included the following:

Grade change
Chilton steppers
Wisconsin granite boulders
Various sizes of Mississippi decorative stone
Crab apples
Northern Sea Oats
White wild indigo

Cardinal flower
Fox sedge
Wild stonecrop sedum
Sensitive fern
Shooting star
Caesars brother iris