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Bigleaf aster

Category: Plants

Eurybia macrophylla, commonly known as the Bigleaf Aster, Largeleaf Aster or Largeleaf or Bigleaf Wood Aster, is an herbaceous perennial in the composite family that was formerly treated in the genus Aster. It is native to eastern North America where it stretches from the south of the boreal forests of Canada through the northeastern deciduous and mixed forests of New England and south along the Blue Ridge Mountain through the United States. The flowers appear in the late summer to early fall and show ray florets that are usually either a deep lavender or violet, but sometimes white, and disc florets that are cream-coloured or light yellow, becoming purple as they mature. It is one of the parent species of the hybrid Eurybia × herveyi.

Latin Name Aster macrophyllus
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