Sustainable Ideas & Low Maintenance Solutions


Eco Harmony Services

Landscape & Design Services


  • Concept to completion
  • Experienced designers
  • Detailed design to scale


  • Native landscapes
  • Formal landscapes
  • Contemporary landscapes
  • Woodland garden
  • Prairie garden
  • Herb garden
  • Vegetable garden
  • Rain garden
  • Rock garden

Tree services:

  • Prunin
  • Removal
  • Brush chipping
  • Storm damage
  • Certified arborist


Patios, Walkways, Retaining walls and Steps

  • Flagstone
  • Lannon stone
  • Fond Du Lac stone
  • Chilton stone
  • Blue stone
  • Rotten granite
  • Granite fieldstone
  • Decorative stone
  • Stone stepper walkway
  • Permeable paver
  • Brick
  • Prefabricated concrete block

Water Conservation:

  • Installation of:
  • Rainwater harvesting systems
  • Rain gardens
  • Rain barrels


  • Character boulders
  • Sitting boulders
  • Fire pit
  • Artistic stonework
  • Gem and mineral installation
  • Dry-stacked stone walls

Invasives species control:

  • Management programs
  • Buckthorn, garlic mustard


  • Property management programs
  • Spring/Fall cleanup (preparing property for summer/winter
  • Lawn aeration and de-thatching
  • Rototilling
  • Mulching
  • Bed edging

Design + Construction

You have a vision for your landscape. Your outdoor space has unique features. Creating the right outdoor space is an investment. You know your budget, time frame and expect long term returns.
At Eco Harmony we respect this and that’s why it’s important to us that you are part of our consultation and design process. With your help, we will effectively meet the distinct needs and desires of you and your property.

earth water During consultation:

  • We listen to your goals.
  • Consider your resources and lifestyle.
  • We expertly assess the characteristics of your yard, such as available sunlight, water & soil quality.

Eco Harmony designers then collaborate with you on a plan that brings function and cohesion to your landscape ideas. We believe forward thinking and proper planning in the design process will maintain design integrity AND save you money.

Our experienced installation team brings your vision to life through professional installation and building services. Our final, quality product will appeal to your senses and respect your budget.

You bring ideas. We bring the knowledge, artisanship, skill and specialty services to create an outdoor retreat that is uniquely yours.


Eco Harmony strives to create well-balanced, low-maintenance landscapes that let the plants do the work.

We offer a variety of maintenance options and programs to best fit your lifestyle and property needs:

  • Spring and fall property cleanup: Prepare your yard for summer/winter
  • Prune trees and shrubs
  • Lawn Maintenance:
  • Restoration:
    • Seeding or sod
    • De-thatch: Encourages a deeper root system to allow water and nutrients to penetrate the soil, leaving you with a thicker, hardier lawn.
    • Aerate: Reduces compaction; increases water and oxygen infiltration
  • Mulch: Wood mulch serves as natural weed block, retains water and adds organic matter to soil
  • Plant and maintain vegetable gardens
  • Weeding
  • Control invasive plant species
  • Use of environmentally-conscious fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides in moderation and when necessary

Water Conservation

Eco Harmony utilizes thoughtful design and construction to create rain harvesting systems that become functional yet beautiful components of your sustainable landscape.

water drop Rain Gardens:

Rain gardens utilize water runoff from your roof, driveway, sidewalk or lawn.  The deep rooted plants allow for more efficient water uptake and the shape of the garden allows time for the plants to soak up the excess water and seep into the ground. Rain gardens add many benefits to your yard and the surrounding community.

  • Prevents polluted runoff and excess water in sewers, reducing pollution in lakes, rivers and streams
  • Recharges local aquifers
  • Creates native habitat for wildlife and butterflies
  • Perennial, native plants add lasting beauty to your landscape

water circle Rain Barrels:

Rain barrels can be an artful design element, not an eye sore! Advantages of rain barrels include:

  • Fast and easy way to collect and store rain water until you are ready to use it in your landscape
  • Inexpensive rain water harvesting solution
  • Saves you money on watering costs

wave Underground rain water harvesting systems:

Underground rain water harvesting systems are a great way to store and use water

  • Allows for maximum water storage
  • Maintains the natural beauty of your property
  • Encourages self-sufficiency from municipal water systems
  • Adds the dynamic element of running water to your scenery, e.g. streams, ponds and decorative origin sources

Arborist & Tree Services

treeHabitat for wildlife. Oxygen. Relief from the summer sun. Trees are vital for our environment.

Eco Harmony understands this. We take pride in landscape design that includes healthy, attractive trees that add natural beauty and considerable value to your property. That is why EcoHarmony has an ISA certified arborist on board. Our experienced staff addresses and eliminates any issues early in a tree’s life. With our help, your trees get the proper care they deserve. In return, they sustain your landscape with natural splendor for a lifetime.

Arborist services include:

Consulting: Our ISA certified staff evaluates your property for available sunlight, water, effective drainage and available nutrients. We select trees that thrive in your habitat.

Pruning: Proper pruning is preventive health care. It protects trees from harmful insects, diseases, decay and broken limbs. Pruning creates stronger silhouettes that reduce hazards on your property and promote tree longevity.

Planting: It’s not just about digging a hole! Our consultation ensures we plant the right tree in the right place. Our hands-on experience guarantees those roots will properly anchor and nourish your tree.

Removals: Safety, structural damage and disease are just a few reasons to remove trees from your landscape. Our certified arborist helps you decide if removal is necessary. We then bring the professional skill and equipment to remove your tree safely and effectively.