Brookfield Invasive Plant Removal & Prevention Services

Management Programs

Invasive species are taking a toll on our native, historical landscapes. These species were typically brought over by European Colonies when first coming to the United States. They have adapted to our climate and are now overly aggressive, out-competing many of the plants that make for a biodiverse ecosystem. At Eco Harmony, we are committed to helping homeowners take back the natural landscape and eliminate the invasive species that have overwhelmed our native Wisconsin landscape. We offer management programs to eliminate invasives, including two major Wisconsin players - Buckthorn & Garlic Mustard.


Buckthorn is an edge of the forest species - it infiltrates from the outside inward. It is effective as it is one of the first plants to leaf out and holds on to those leaves the longest. It is also extremely hardy and able to thrive in a wide range of light and soil conditions. In order to control Buckthorn, there are two typical routes after cutting flush to the ground - 1) stump grinding (the chemical-free option) and 2) spot treatment to the stump. It is possible to remove Buckthorn without the use of chemicals; however, it is more labor-intensive.

Garlic Mustard

Garlic Mustard is biennial species. During the first year, Garlic Mustard leaves stay low to the ground. Then, in the second year, the leaves grow a flowering stem. When pulled, it is important that the seeds are not dropped, and the pulled specimen is bagged. Garlic mustard is a threat to the biodiversity of the Wisconsin ecosystem. It spreads seeds easily and blocks the sunlight for other native species. Due to the lifecycle of garlic mustard, it takes a number of years of working on a particular space to completely get rid of any trace.