Landscape Maintenance in Brookfield

Property Management Programs

We have various property management programs available, each individually designed to meet your specific maintenance needs.

Spring/Fall Clean-Up

As seasons change, there are various tasks to be completed to ensure your yard has the best chance at flourishing. Excess leaf debris, if left overwinter on your grass, may affect the integrity of your lawn. Some municipalities also have requirements to remove leaves from sitting on lawns all winter. As another Fall Clean-Up task, we deadhead perennials - a visual perk that is more aesthetically pleasing during the winter months and makes it easier to mulch in the spring. With the new life spring brings, leftover leaves and other debris are not only unsightly but can also lead to mold on your lawn as the weather gets warmer. This can, in turn, impact the growth of your grass. We are here to help you prepare for the changing seasons with annual spring/fall Clean-Ups.


Rototilling breaks and loosens the soil to prepare garden beds for planting. During the process of rototilling, soil amendments can also be added to make sure your garden bed has the nutrients it needs.


Mulch aids in water retention in your garden bed and acts as a form of weed suppressant. Mulch has an added temperature control benefit - keeping the soil cool in the summer and warm in the frosty & snow-filled winter months.

Bed Edging

Well-defined lines are essential in design. That is why clean bed edging can completely change the way a garden bed looks. By re-defining bed edges in spring, your yard has the potential to look fresh and new for the upcoming season. There are several types of bed edging to choose from, including - a natural/shovel cut edge, aluminum edging, pavers, or cobbles.