Hardscape Contractor Services in Brookfield

Patios, Walkways, Retaining Walls and Steps

Are you in need of a patio, walkway, or pathway to an existing sitting area? Maybe you need a retaining wall to hold back a slope in your yard. When coming up with a solution to your problem, Eco Harmony looks to the details in your yard as well as the details in your life to dream up a custom solution to fit your lifestyle and budget.


Flagstone is not a particular type of stone, but rather the pattern of each individual stone used as a paver – like a natural puzzle put together by our creative team at Eco Harmony. Natural stone has a series of finishes that can give you a more rustic or smooth finish. 

Lannon Stone

Lannon Stone is named after the area it was originally located in - Lannon, Wisconsin. It has widely been used throughout Wisconsin and Illinois to build beautiful homes and buildings. It is extremely durable and holds up well against the cold Wisconsin weather conditions and general wear and tear. With a light & warm variable color pallet, Lannon Stone provides a neutral foundation for landscaping projects.

Fond Du Lac Stone

Fond Du Lac Stone is a Dolomitic Limestone that has a color range in light grays and whites. It is named after its origin quarry in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin.

Chilton Stone

Chilton Stone is a Dolomitic Limestone named after Chilton, WI. It blends both cool tones and warm fiery colors to make a beautiful stone to use in your next landscape project. The colors range from purples to grays, to browns, to deep rust.


Bluestone is a sedimentary rock that is both durable and attractive. It is named for its dark blue color. The deep, cool tone of Bluestone provides contrast. It can be used in tandem with other stones to create a visual point of interest in your patio, stairs, or walls.

Rotten Granite

Often used on driveways and paths, Rotten Granite is a warm rust color. As granite decomposes, small pieces fracture and break off, creating the familiar crumbles. Rotten Granite is found locally in Wisconsin.

Decorative Stone

There are numerous other decorative stone options to choose from when planning out a landscaping project. Taking into account your color preferences and the style of your home, we can focus in on a few great options to choose from to add visual interest to your next hardscape project.

Stone Stepper Walkway

Stone Stepper Walkways are a great way to visually lead the eye throughout your yard. When choosing what stepper to use, we can explore colors and styles that will play off the architecture of your home and planting style in your yard.

Permeable Paver

Permeable Pavers are closely related to the topic of water conservation. They are designed for water to drain and stay on-site rather than draining off onto a road or into the local sewage system. Permeable Pavers mimic the way soil naturally absorbs water; however, it does it more efficiently. By reducing the amount of runoff and standing water, homeowners can enjoy fewer mosquitoes, reduce erosion, and reduce ice accumulation in the winter months.


Most bricks are made from clay combined with lime and sand. Bricks come in a wide variety of colors, from warm red tones to cool grey tones. There are several ways we can lay out brick for your next project, running bond, basketweave, and herringbone. Brick is also often used as edging around a walkway or patio. Like Beadwork, it provides an ornate pop of contrast.

Prefabricated Concrete Block

Concrete block comes in a wide array of styles (pavers, edges, slabs, and bricks). Some are cast off old bricks, while others are formed in new designs and patterns. They are an alternative to clay and natural stone.