Brookfield Landscape Lighting & Water Feature Services


If you are looking for some added ambiance to your outdoor living space, lighting is a great way to add a warm glow to your patio, seat wall pillars, or pathways. Accent lighting on a specimen tree, shrub, or rock wall is a welcomed visual interest that is also functional after the sunsets. We always keep lights inside of garden beds to ensure that lawn maintenance is safe. There are many styles of lighting to choose from that can pair well with the architecture of your home.

Water Features

For the homeowner who wants a meditative sound in their intimate outdoor living space, water features are a great option. At Eco Harmony, we install AquaBasins as a simple alternative to a full pond construction. AquaBasins give you a lower maintenance decorative water feature. They are commercial grade and made out of polyethylene. A favorite use of ours is a drilled origin rock to provide both audible and visual interest to your yard. Trickling water will run down the side creating noise into your pondless water feature.