Landscaping Stone Work Solutions in Brookfield

Character Boulders

There is nothing lower maintenance than a giant rock collection. If you are looking to add a feature to your yard that is visually stunning but requires no maintenance, Character Boulders are an excellent option for you. There are different colors and shapes to choose from - fieldstone, black granite, and other glacial-looking stones. Some stones have banding or multi-color/unique features. Specimen Boulders are an exciting addition to any landscape. Matching sizing to your setting, we think about these additions like we would any specimen tree or shrub making sure they fit your yard. Each boulder is hand-picked by our team, so it works well with your landscape. We "dig in" the boulders so the face of the stone that is showing is perfectly placed in your yard. Some outcropping character boulders are also placed to look like beautiful natural parts of Wisconsin, like rock walls in the Wisconsin Dells.

Sitting Boulders

Sitting Boulders add interesting elements to your landscape, provide seating for parties, and add a little magic to your yard by creating a "Winnie the Pooh's Thinking Spot." It is outdoor furniture that you can leave out all winter. When creating a space with a sitting boulder, our team focuses both on form and function, following guidelines with appropriate heights for sitting.

Fire Pit

Nothing is more primitive than fire. We can focus on more deeply developing your landscape by bringing in some iconic elements that you find on the earth to tug at your primitive heartstrings. The more we incorporate these elements, the more you feel at home. You are creating outdoor experiences - a place to gather with friends and loved ones… or maybe it is a more meditative spot for you. We follow the guidelines of your local municipal code, making sure that the fire pits are the correct distance away from your home and other structures. They can range from simple to elaborate. Another factor to consider is if you are looking for gas versus real. If you like the smell of smoke, the act of starting the fire in a real fire pit might be for you. However, if you are limited on space and have minimal access to firewood, a gas fire pit might be a great option for you.

Artistic Stonework

We love to get our hands dirty and make artistic points of interest tucked away inside your landscape design. One of the beautiful parts of working with natural stone is seeing how it all fits together. True beauty is in the attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Gem and Mineral Installation

We have the capabilities if you are interested in creating a truly one-of-a-kind landscape installation. We have creative ideas on how to incorporate gem and mineral focal features into your yard. Unique and showstopping pieces that stand out in your outdoor living space and made for a stunning backdrop for your family gatherings. Gem and Mineral Installations also pair well with unique woodwork in a wall or an intimate rock garden - endless possibilities.

Dry-Stacked Stone Walls

A true stonework of art, dry-stack walls are built without mortar and are carefully fit together by hand one stone at a time. They create beautiful imagery hearkening to the countryside of Ireland. Constructed from local stone, they reflect the history of the land they are built on.