Sustainable Ideas & Low Maintenance Solutions


Sustainable Landscape Design Wisconsin


Eco Harmony partners your landscape ideas with ecologically sound plant and design choices. The following is just a sample of simple and cost-effective sustainable ideas for your landscaping project:

leave Native Plants

  • In Wisconsin, “survival of the fittest” weighs in to plant selection. We encourage the use of plants indigenous to our hardy zone to offer you the following benefits:
  • Deep root systems provide hardiness during temperature fluctuations  
  • Less watering  
  • Reduce maintenance time
  • Lower maintenance costs 
  • Encourage diverse ecosystem by providing habitat and food sources for birds, wildlife, insects, butterflies and bees, all helpful pollinators

four leaves Edible Landscaping

  • Fruiting trees, shrubs and berry vines produce high volumes of fruit with minimal care
  • Vegetables and herbs integrated into raised beds and throughout the landscape
  • Compost bin and composting systems to reduce landfill waste and create organic fertilizer
  • Increases independence from outside food sources; save money at the grocery store!

water splash Water Conservation

  • Rain harvesting systems (e.g. rain gardens and rain barrels)
  • Channeling water runoff to hydrate plants and restore local aquifers.
  • For more information about our water conservation practices, click here.

green eco foot Green Company Practices

  • On-site recycling
  • Use of recycled materials and existing resources on property when possible

Efforts to buy and use local (e.g. Lannon stone, local nursery stock)

Our Mission

green earth plantProfessionalism. Natural artistry. Eco-conscious horticulture. Skilled low-maintenance, Eco Harmony brings our values to your outdoor environment.

At Eco Harmony our mission is to balance art with function in every landscape. Our academic training in landscape horticulture, our creative eye for spotting natural detail and experience in sustainable practices lets us expertly observe your property's unique ecology and recognize its needs.

From concept to completion, we work closely with your vision to set you up for success. We'll take existing features on your property and add new, preferably Wisconsin native plantings, artful use of stone and rain harvesting systems. We bring your inspiration to life with sustainable ideas and low-maintenance solutions.